Ankur Srivastava
Research Engineer, Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India.

My research interests lies in Automation with a vision that :

“Every routine task should be done by machines,
and humans can engage in innovative work”.

Combining the required Domains I would say #AERMAISM :

“Automation of Embedded Systems of Robotics and Manufacturing using Artificial Intelligence to Contribute to the Internet of Things of Smart Technology in Real Time”.

And the Order in which the Avalanche will happen is:
Smart Minds → Smart People → Smart Board → Smart Equipment →
Smart Room → Smart Home → Smart Office → Smart Building →
Smart Vehicle → Smart Colony → Smart Grid → Smart City →
Smart Country → Smart Planet
That’s the Target !! The 4th Industrial Revolution !!

How to find Automation problems ?
Find Queues !!
Find repeated manual work !!

Any task which has a fixed algorithm to get executed can be automated very easily and be done by machines.