Research Paper Attachments

Research Paper should be accompanied with these resources: Exploded form of the paper Glossary/Dictionary of the paper Mumtimedia Infographics Mind-Maps / Flowcharts Pictures / Graphs Tables PPT / Prezi Useful Links Zip of all referenced Papers Literature Review Matrix Video explanation by the Author(s) Profile/CV of all Authors/People involved Description of Project invloved List of … Continue reading Research Paper Attachments


You are !!

You are !! You are what you eat, You are made up of it. You are what you speak, You always listen it. You are what you listen, You always absorb some of it. You are what you think, You always manifest it someway. You are what you watch, You remember the impressions. You are … Continue reading You are !!

5 Principles of Art of Living

Opposite things are complementary to each other Don't see intentions behind others mistakes Don't be a football of others opinion Accept the people & situation as they are & take rational intelligent decision Live in the present moment . Paradox - विरोधाभास Faith - विश्वास Equanimity - समभाव Acceptance - स्वीकृति Awareness - जागरूकता Opposite … Continue reading 5 Principles of Art of Living


वो एक रात थी तारों की बारात थी मै था अकेला और खुद से की बात थी हमारी क्या औकात थी ये जिंदगी जो एक सौगात थी भीड़ मे था तन्हा और सायों की ही जमात थी एक कलम के सिपाही के लिखने की क्या औकात थी जब घूम ली थी पूरी दुनिया तो की … Continue reading आभास