My SmartPhone

To all Smartphone companies, I would like you to make a phone for me with these features. Design * Scratch free (front) surface * Grip within Hand (Back surface) * Water and Dust proof * Appropriately weight * Appropriate width, length & thickness * Headphone jack is necessary (as Bluetooth headphone needs to be charged … Continue reading My SmartPhone


Laws of Karma

Today when I was coming to department, one girl was taking a CPU with her to another department. I was on a bicycle, so I asked should I help her to take her CPU on my bicycle, she first said "it's okay", then I insisted and she agreed to take help. Later in the evening, … Continue reading Laws of Karma

सृष्टि है वो अपनेआप मे

सृष्टि है वो अपनेआप मे घटाओं जैसे बालों से घिरी हुई बर्फ जैसी रंगत है, सीप जैसी पलकों में नीलम जैसी आँखें हैं, गुलाब जैसे होठों में मोती जैसे दांत, फूलों जैसे गाल हैं और कमल जैसे अंग, बच्चों जैसी हँसी और लहरों जैसी अदाएं, प्यार से भी प्यारी है वो !! Approximate translation: She is creation in … Continue reading सृष्टि है वो अपनेआप मे

36 Question in Hindi

प्यार में पड़ने के लिए 36 सवाल, चाहे पहली बार या चाहे शादी की 50वीं सालगिरह पर. Recommit the commitment of love to your partner. Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest ? Given a chance to go on a date with anybody in the whole … Continue reading 36 Question in Hindi