Who are you?

Who are you ? Ankur, you are not Ankur. It is just a word, a sound, which was assigned to you, so that people can direct their communication without any ambiguity of other person. You could have been given another name, Mahavir, Shambu, Bahatar Singh, Badam Singh, Pele, Michelle, Michel, Budhaiya, Keenu, Kalam, or may … Continue reading Who are you?


You are Iron

Once you know you are Iron. Then whatever anybody says it doesn't affect you. Somebody says you are Gold, it doesn't affect you. Somebody says you are Sodium, it doesn't affect you. Somebody says you are Uranium, it doesn't affect you. You know who are you, you have the answer of "Who am I" ? … Continue reading You are Iron

Smartphone replacing these Things

(Reading time: 3 minutes ) Device Replacement: Smartphones can replace following 150+ physical devices: Apps replacing physical objects in December 2018. Date Time Devices clock, watch alarm stop watch count down timer count down event day World clock Calendar time table event manager to do list reminders Living room wall devices Date Time Devices ++ … Continue reading Smartphone replacing these Things

Research Paper Attachments

Research Paper should be accompanied with these resources: Exploded form of the paper Glossary/Dictionary of the paper Mumtimedia Infographics Mind-Maps / Flowcharts Pictures / Graphs Tables PPT / Prezi Useful Links Zip of all referenced Papers Literature Review Matrix Video explanation by the Author(s) Profile/CV of all Authors/People involved Description of Project invloved List of … Continue reading Research Paper Attachments