Research Paper Attachments

Research Paper should be accompanied with these resources: Exploded form of the paper Glossary/Dictionary of the paper Mumtimedia Infographics Mind-Maps / Flowcharts Pictures / Graphs Tables PPT / Prezi Useful Links Zip of all referenced Papers Literature Review Matrix Video explanation by the Author(s) Profile/CV of all Authors/People involved Description of Project invloved List of … Continue reading Research Paper Attachments


Levels of Research Papers

There are different levels of research papers (RPapers): Innovation, Improvement, Experiment, Survey, Review, Hypothesis. The brand new INNOVATION. This can become PATENT. The IMPROVEMENT of the already existing, e.g., increasing the efficiency from 70% to 71%. A very BiGG improvement is known as a Brand new Innovation. EXPERIMENTS that this will not work in this … Continue reading Levels of Research Papers

Research Paper Review

Review: (14 Sections) Paper Title: … Author: … Journal: … Year: … Biliographic Information Level: (Innovation/ Improvement/ Experiment/ Survey/ Review) Summary of the Paper: (Overall goal/problem definition and approach direction) The Paper starts with … (3 lines) The Goal of the Paper is … (3 lines) This Paper describes … (3 lines) This Paper introduces/proposes … Continue reading Research Paper Review