Smartphone replacing these Things

(Reading time: 3 minutes ) Device Replacement: Smartphones can replace following 150+ physical devices: Apps replacing physical objects in December 2018. Date Time Devices clock, watch alarm stop watch count down timer count down event day World clock Calendar time table event manager to do list reminders Living room wall devices Date Time Devices ++ … Continue reading Smartphone replacing these Things


5 Principles of Art of Living

Opposite things are complementary to each other Don't see intentions behind others mistakes Don't be a football of others opinion Accept the people & situation as they are & take rational intelligent decision Live in the present moment . Paradox - विरोधाभास Faith - विश्वास Equanimity - समभाव Acceptance - स्वीकृति Awareness - जागरूकता Opposite … Continue reading 5 Principles of Art of Living

Levels of Research Papers

There are different levels of research papers (RPapers): Innovation, Improvement, Experiment, Survey, Review, Hypothesis. The brand new INNOVATION. This can become PATENT. The IMPROVEMENT of the already existing, e.g., increasing the efficiency from 70% to 71%. EXPERIMENTS that this will not work in this particular scenario, or why this is important or why this is … Continue reading Levels of Research Papers