Levels of Research Papers

There are different levels of research papers (RPapers):

Innovation, Improvement, Experiment, Survey, Review, Hypothesis.

  1. The brand new INNOVATION. This can become PATENT.
  2. The IMPROVEMENT of the already existing,
    e.g., increasing the efficiency from 70% to 71%.
    A very BiGG improvement is known as a Brand new Innovation.
  3. EXPERIMENTS that this will not work in this particular scenario, or why this is important or why this is there and what will happen when it is not there. Take example of 10,000 works of Edison.
  4. The SURVEY paper of existing technologies regarding a particular term. May include summary of 20 RPapers by 20 different Researchers, from >10 different Organizations.
  5. REVIEW of a paper or a technology.
  6. Hypothesis / prediction / Proposal of a Theory or a feasible solution.

RPapers by Time given :

  1. Term Paper, 6 months
  2. Master’s Thesis, 2 years
  3. Doctoral Dissertation, 1000 days to 4 years



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