Levels of Love

5 levels of Love:

  1. Teenager Love
  2. Spouse Love
  3. Parent Love
  4. Grandparent Love
  5. Guru Love 

1. Teenager Love. You want to be loved only. You are not so much capable to give love to others. You are building yourself up.
2. Spouse Love. You love & you want to be loved in return. You have some capacity to give to others. Still you need a source to fulfill yourself.
3. Parental Love. You love & you don’t want to be loved back, but you want acknowledgement your love. Your capabilities have increased, and your needs have reduced. You take greater responsibilities.
4. Grandparent Love. You love and you don’t even want to get acknowledgment. But you love because it makes you feel good. You needs are negligible and your capabilities to give your love is huge. And you love because you want to make others happy, and because you can make them happy. Not because that person will pay back to you now or in future. You are fully capable to fulfill your love requirements.
5. Guru Love. Divine Love. Child Love. You love because it’s your nature. Just like a child, you are made up of love. You have realized that You are made up of love. This is total Unconditional Love. You love because you know only that and nothing else. This is how God operates in our life. And this is how our Guru or Life Coach helps/guides us in our life.

And don’t jump to level 5. Develop your capacity and capability. Self care. Capacity to absorb knowledge. Capability to give love. Behave according to your age.

Thanks for input from Prof. Suneet Varma (Associate Professor,  Department of Psychology, University of Delhi).


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