Never answer the “Question”

When someone asks an obvious question,
it means that the question is something else.

Don’t answer the question,
Always answer the ROOT of the question,
or Rephrase the question, say like:
– This is not what you actually want to ask.
– Ask me what you actually want to ask.
– Why do you want to know this ?
– How is this relevant to you ?
– Why do you ask ?

e.g. when someone asks: “How are you?
The answer is always: fine, good, very well, …
But the actual question here is a general concern.
The questioner wants you to know that for them you are part of their life.

The final answer of every question is silence,
The answer you give should give silence to the mind of questioner.
Only when you answer the root of the question, it will silence the mind of questioner.

Also, always ask, and always answer concrete questions, e.g. :
< Date, Time, Venue, Purpose, Resources, People, Contacts … >
These define Action points and never confuse anybody.

e.g. If someone asks:
“Who is the richest man in India?”
The actual answer is:
The chairperson of Tata group of companies,
because they earn the maximum in India, but they also donate he maximum, so their net balance is less than others.
You may watch this Hindi video on youtube about Ratan Tata.

Don’t answer a stupid question. Silently smile or stare. Or humor. Or change the topic to something else in a very enthusiatic way.
Keep hold of the communication/conversation in a positive way. Whenever the other person says anything non-positive, be uninfluenced, and think as if it was never said. Change the topic immediately to something positive.



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