Confusion, Proposition & Decision

Confusion when occurs in life, it means you have options to choose from. If there had been a single option you would take it and keep moving, no confusion. Now, having many options means you are living in abundance. So, at first, be grateful and be thankful, that you have confusion in your life.

Now, how to resolve and move ahead? Once again confusion is between:
– Good or Better
– Bad or Worse
– Two unknown

Now, this occurs with a “Want of More”. Because there is never a confusion between good and bad. You will always choose good. Now choosing between good or better, you will always have good anyway. Choosing between bad or worse, you will have bad anyway. So, collect some information (certainty), leave rest on life/Universe/God (uncertainty), and act within a reasonable time. For choosing between two unknowns, trust life, pray to God, and take anyone.

Proposition. When a proposition is confusing, convert it into a case study, and understand it up to some level and beyond that be ready to be surprised. Expect the unexpected.

Decision. There is no exact decision in life. There are always approximate decisions. The key lies in execution. Whatever decision you take, after some time or some years, you will think that you can do better. But, the wisdom is to take decisions according to the current scenario, current knowledge, and current needs. Once you have taken a decision, have a commitment to complete it. Because unknown hidden obstacles/problems will come on the way for your adventure. That time have patience. Stay with the commitment.

Also, when none of this works, go to your Parents, Teachers, Elders, Guru, who you trust, give responsibility to them and be free. And Follow the Instructor, trust that it is their responsibility that they will do your good. Also, give your frank opinion about what you need and what you want. Say “This or better“, now it is your responsibility.


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