Research Paper Review

Review: (14 Sections)

Paper Title: …



Year: …

Biliographic Information

Level: (Innovation/ Improvement/ Experiment/ Survey/ Review)

Summary of the Paper:
(Overall goal/problem definition and approach direction)

The Paper starts with … (3 lines)

The Goal of the Paper is … (3 lines)

This Paper describes … (3 lines)

This Paper introduces/proposes … (3 lines)

This Paper extends … (3 lines)

Detailed Notes:

First half of the Paper describes, …

The Second half of the Paper, …

Finally, …

Table of Contents:

Section I. Introduction
Example 1 : …
Section II. …
A. subsection
Example 2:

Future Work

Positive points (at least 3, in decreasing order of importance):

Negative points (at least 3, in decreasing order of importance):

  1. Typos/ Format errors/bugs

Possible Extensions:

Future Work according to me:

Possible Linking with totally different study domains:

Real World Usage:

Other Experiments:

New Weblinks/ Persons/Papers:

What problem does this paper claim to addresses
(state motivation, why difficult/interesting)?
(Discuss only the problem, not the solution.)

Preface: Larger Aim of the Problem:

Problem, specifically:


Interesting part & why?

Difficult part & why?

State the main contribution(s) of the paper and
how these address the problem.
State assumptions, their implications and overall methodology
(main components of solution)




Overall Methodology:

W6H asked, answered, remained:

‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’, ‘who-whom’ ‘why’, ‘which’ and ‘how’ of everything ?

State high-level questions answered
as part of experimentation
(only questions, not procedure). (min 3)




What questions remain unanswered
and how would you design experiments to answer these?
(specify question, parameters to vary and measure). (min 3)




State new techniques learnt from this paper. (max. 3)
(algorithm/system design/experimental methodology)

Advantages, Disadvantages and Limitations of the Techniques proposed.

What questions does this work leave open?
(NOT future work section of paper)




Useful Links:
Exploded form of paper, web-links,
multimedia, Mind-maps, illustrations, diagrams, graphs,
Video explanation by the author,
zip file of all referenced papers, …

Typos of the Paper:

Glossary of the Paper:

Write bullet/numbered lists.
Each statement of max. 10 entities/terms.
Each sentence not crossing one line.

Thanks to Prof. Purushottam Kulkarni CSE IIT-B for valuable inputs.
Please provide your suggestions in the comments.
You can download the docx file (A4 format) for above from here: Review of Paper
You can also access it as the Google form (coming).
An old example: an NLP paper, and its Review.


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