I’m grateful & thankful to all these people who defined my decisions at these points of my life.
They have given me very crucial information or have actually helped me or done work for betterment of my life.

Kallu ji — for taking me on Bicycle during school days
Om Prakash Sir — for interest in Science especially Chemistry, Class 7th, 2000-01
Sandeep Mama — for Scooter & Car driving lessons
Sanjay Chacha — City Montessori School Admission, 2004
S. Nigam Mam — for interest in Programming & Logic
Dinesh Garg Sir — for Encouraging me as a brilliant student
Neeraj Mama — B.Tech. Information Technology in S.I.T.M. Lucknow, 2006
Alok — Friendship in BTech, 2006-10
Amarish Bhaiya — GATE Examination, 2007
Two different people who denied me the Call-Center jobs, 2010
Papa — NIT-H admission, 2010
Srikanth — AoL Form filling inspiration, 2011
Deepan Bhaiya — Yes+ Course, 2011
Bawa & Dinesh — DSN Course, 2012
Abhishek — Infosys agreement form signing, 2011
One M.Tech. junior — MTech Thesis Simulation, 2012
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji — for founding The Art of Living Organization
Triveni Pal — NIT-H teaching form, 2012
Nitin Sir — listening and encouraging for MTech thesis, 2011-12
Dr. Madhu — making me a Fine Gentleman, 2012-13
Rashmin Bhaiya — meeting AoL Teachers, volunteering, Yes+, VTP, 2014-2017
Kaumudi Mam — for providing a Ghar/Ashram on IITB campus, 2014-18
Ridhi — Friendship with girls, 2012-2017
Abhiram, Arghya, Khushraj, Rishabh, Kannan Sir — for providing a ceiling, 2016-17
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji — for Sudarshan Kriya Meditation,
Cynthia — Friendship with girls, 2017
Ashwin Sir – for giving me professional confidence & work, 2018

I will update & elongate this often !!
Thanks again to all these people !!

I encourage all of you to make such a list and feel yourself lucky !!
And whenever you feel low, these are the people you should go back to,
and meet them with reverence !!

At various points of my life I have experienced failures and there were these Godly people who have helped directed my life in a better direction !!

I am also grateful to all these people who have  given me these failures, which led to the success where I am today, and made me the success who I am today !!

Thank you all 😇
with a sincere heart ❤️
Ankur Srivastava 😀


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