Are you ?

Are you ?


Are you Blind, Deaf, Mute ?
Are you Handicapped, Amputee, Quadriplegic, Bed ridden ?
Are you cleft lip born ?
Are you living on dialysis, having defected liver ?
Are you living with a pacemaker ?
Are you living on catheter ?
Are you Mentally deranged, retarded ?
Are you Impotent ?
Are you having Cancer, HIV, any Chronic disease ?
Are you having Leprosy, Psoriasis ?
Are you Terminally ill ?
Are you a Hermaphrodite/ Transgender/ Hijra ?
Have you been through Genital Mutilation or Castration ?
Are you a Drug addict ?
Are you severely addicted to drinking or smoking ?


Are you kicked out of your own house by your parents ?
Are you kicked out of your own house by your adult children ?
Are you kicked out of your own company you started ?
Does your full grown young son died ?
Does your newborn baby died ?
Are you under any heavy Debt ?
Are you fired from a long time job, and can’t get another ?
Are you living in any crime prevalent neighborhood ?
Are you in Prison, Jail or any Detention center ?
Do you have a Criminal Record ?
Are you are Rapist or done Child Abuse ?
Are you are Murderer, Assassin, Serial Killer ?
Have you done Honor Killing or Infanticide ?
Have you killed people in the name of country or religion ?
Are you Suicide Bomber, Kamikaze, Terrorist ?
Are you living in a War Zone ?
Are you dealing with post war trauma ?
Are you a Refugee or in No Man’s Land ?
Are you living in Slums with no potable water ?
Is your whole house got destroyed in floods, earthquake, Tsunami, or Tornado ?


Are you Heart Broken right now ?
Is your spouse in any Extra Marital Affair ?
Are you a Rape victim or Sexually Assaulted ?
Have you been through Torture, Vivisection, Extortion or Bestiality ?
Are you an Acid attack victim ?
Are you a Sex worker, Prostitute or living in a Red-Light area ?
Are you a Sex Slave ?
Are you forced to sell yourself for sake of money or honor ?
Were you sexually abused as a child ?
Are you forced to marry your rapist, an old man/woman, or a child ?
Are you forced to marry a tree or a stone ?
Are you forced to have sex with your own Parent, Sibling, or Child ?
Have you seen any Rape, Murder, Suicide before your own helpless eyes ?
Are you an unmarried single parent of a newborn ?
Are you dealing with teenage pregnancy ?
Are you a single parent of many (3+) small kids ?
Are you a single parent with a full time job & multiple kids ?
Are you sold for money by your parents/guardians ?
Are you donated as an object to any religious institution ?
Are you a Slave ?
Are your parents/children are Drunkards, Drug Addicts, Criminals, or anything like in above situation ?
Are you victim of ANY life shattering tragedy ?

If all these answers are “NO”

Do you have a decent house to live ?
Do you have a place to sleep ?
Are you earning decent money ?
Do you have money earning skills ?
Can you afford food 3 times a day ?
Do you have people to support and guide you ?
Do you have a goal, a purpose to fulfill, a responsibility to serve ?

If all these answers are “YES”

If your constant source of income is not in danger.
If your health is OK.
If your family is OK in general

Think about the life of above,
such people & such problems exist in this world, and you don’t have that.
Do hard work and succeed and then only help others succeed.
If not that,
then at the least
do your own work, live your own life.

More than this: Get a Life Coach.

Watch the story of “Crippled Fox”.


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